viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

[iLike] Dani García and his Nitrogel

During this week, Madridfusion is being held. It is one of the most important cooking events in Spain (and some would say from Europe). The structure of this event is quite similar to the scientific congresses I normally attend. The best chefs go there to present their work and make their presentations, showing everyone how good their work is.

This year I couldnt find any, but I found videos from last years edition. These days, I watched a few of them, and honestly, only one of them really surprised me. Dani Garcia left my mouth wide open. This andalusian guy is a talented chef with the soul of a scientist, and you'll see why after watching the video.

If you are not willing to see a 13 minutes video in spanish, I'll just tell you that he CREATES a tomato. The rest of the development of the dish is interesting, although the most impressive part is the creation of the tomato. So looking forward to taste it!

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