viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Hello World!


As any mediocre computer scientist, the very first message to send to the world (and prove that everything works fine) is the famous: Hello World!

Now that all the greetings are done, I'll move on to relate you why this is here.

After a few years away from the good care of my mum, and always lacking money on my pockets, I had to teach myself how to delight my palate. It seems to be known by those that know me well (after their comments and their extreme-pleasure faces) that I do not suck really badly at cooking.

This little talent combined with my scientific curiosity and a spoonful of humour (bad jokes forever! not intelligent jokes) is what has always made me look for new recipes, and after lots of friends asked for them, those are finally here.

I only have one goal for the moment, I want to share these recipes that I master so I can receive critics from you so to improve them.

So, do not hesitate on speak out your mind!


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