viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Sweet Chocolate and Grapes Focaccia

As you might have already noticed, I am a bit obsessed with focaccias (the classic and the zucchini). This time we try a sweet one. 

 It is very similar to the classic spanish Bizcocho, but with a different texture. This one is really easy to prepare, and as all the focaccias, the secret is to be found on the rest times. I eat this normally in the afternoon, or as breakfast, but I recently though that it might go well with a creme caramel as a dipping sauce. Any other ideas?

  • 500g of flour
  • 130ml of milk
  • 100g of butter
  • 80g of confectioners sugar
  • 20g of fresh yeast
  • One egg
  • a bit of salt
  • the seeds of a pod of vanilla
  • 4 spoonfuls of cocoa powder.

  • Boil for a minute the milk with the vanilla seeds, the sugar, and a bit of salt. Once is cold, put the yeast and the butter in and mix well.
  • Combine the flour with the edd and the milk mix we just prepared, until creating an elastic dough. Add the cocoa. Cover with a wet kitchen towel and let it rest for 1 hour.
  • After that time, cover a greased oven tray with our dough. Put some grapes on top. Let it rest for another hour. Sprinkle with granulated sugar.
  • Bake at 210ºC for 25 min.

Bon Profit

2 comentarios:

  1. never had a sweet one... will try it for sure!

  2. muy bueno el postre me recuerda la que vi despues de hacer la compra en, ya que no sabía que hacer para el domingo de postre con la familia. Muy buena, me has solucionado un problema. Un saludo.