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Spicy Cheesy Triangles

Spicy Cheesy Triangles

This recipe is a complete success to bring to a friends picnic! 

Inspired in one of the blog chef’s that I follow (elComidista) this recipe is slightly different. Born as an example of profitting couisine (taking the maximum advantage of all the ingrendients in the kitchen), I came up with this amazing appetizers. 
You can always play the foreigner intellectual and say that it is inspired from an Spanish and Greek fusion. 

INGREDIENTS (for 20 triangles)
  •  200ml of creme fraiche. (if you dont find it, you can use the heaviest cream)
  • Half tetilla cheese: This is a typical Galician cheese that I saw in the States last time I was in there, but if you dont find it, try to use any not very cured cow cheese.
  • 6  fresh green/red hot chili pepper.
  • A beaten egg.
  • Half pack of filo pastry.


  • Dice the red hot chili peppers and sautee in the pan with a bit of olive oil.
  • Dice the cheese and mix it with the creme fraiche and the peppers. Do not use any salt.
  • If you have a kitchen robot, you can mix everything using it, until obtaining a cream. If you dont, good luck and give it a good old style mix... smoothly combined!
  • Filo pastry normaly comes as an A3, and very stuck one to each other. You need to cut them vertically along the shortest side in something like 4 fingers wide stripes, with trying to have only two sheets together, otherwise it will be way too much pastry.
  • Helping yourself with a spoon, place amount that quantity of the cream in one extreme of the pastry stripe, and carefully fold it on itself making a right triangle.
  • When you reach the end of the stripe, wet your finger with some water and seal the triangles with your wet finger.
  • Paint each triangle with beaten egg and bake them for 15minutes at 200ºC.

    Bon Profit!

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  1. Beautiful photo. Looks delicious! Can't wait to give them a try :)

  2. Wow, these sound fabulous. I love that term 'kitchen robot' it always amuses me LOL.