viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Meat Stew

In the search of new “tuppers” to freeze and then take to work, Alfonso suggested me to prepared this slow-cooked meat with peas. 

The meat came out spectacular and that is why I am sharing, but I totally forgot to add the peas. However, I recommend you to eat this dish with some boiled potatos or rice, or just a good loaf of bread to dip with in the sauce.

  • 600 g of meat cut in big dices.
  • 5 carrots.
  • 2 big onions.
  • 2 garlic cloves.
  • Half a glass of Brandy.
  • 500 ml of beef stock.
  • One spoon of flour.
  • Olive oil.
  • 3 bay leaves.

  1. I start this recipe with a trick, grate the onion. (use your swimming googles if you do not want to cry a lot). In a pot with two spoons of olive oil, start sauteeing the onion with the chopped garlic.
  2. Peel the carrots and cut in pieces of your desire, and add them to the onion when golden.
  3. Once the carrots get tender, add the meat and raise the heat. Once golden, add the flour to get the sauce thickening, and once homogeneous, add the brandy and the bay leaves.
  4. Once the alcohol is gone, add the meat stock and lower again to medium heat. Cover the pot and let it cook for 30 minutes. If you like the souce thicker, let the meat cook uncovered for 10 minutes.
Bon Profit!

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