viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Ricotta and Shrimp Spaghetti

This dish would never apper in an classical italian cookbook. Probably it is one of the dishes that when you explain it to an italian, he would look weird at you, although the key moment is when you make him try without telling him what it is. The usual reaction would be saying that is ok, but that his mother could make it better. Imagine my surprise when a good italian friend of mine asked me the recipe for his mother to cook it! So, here it is the recipe that surprised an italian.


  • Half clove of garlic

  • 1 shallot pool-ball sized.

  • (if you do not find a shallot) 1 quarter of white onion.

  • Half red pepper (same amount of onion)

  • 3 sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil.

  • 200gr of peeled shrimp (these can be substituted by any other more expensive see food, depends on your budget)

  • 150gr of ricotta cheese.

  • 100ml of cream.

  • A bit of parsley

  • 250gr of (black) spaghetti al nero di seppia.


You are going to need two stoves for this dish. In one of them, at max heat, place one pot with 2 liters of water to cook the pasta.

Meanwhile, start chopping thinly the garlid, and in small cubes the onion and the pepper.
In one pan at medium-high heat, put one tablespoon of olive oil and another of the oil where the sundried tomatoes are kept, and cook the onion, peper and garlic.
Once the onions are golden, add half of the shrimp. Once the shripms are cooked, add the cream.

Meanwhile, the water should be boiling by now. At this moment is when you add the salt, moreless two teaspoons of salt for each 100grams of pasta and liter of water (therefore, for this recipe, 4 ts of salt). Then, follow the pasta box instructions and your own taste to cook it. I like it "al dente", so, I cook it two or three minutes less than what it is written in the box. Add the pasta to the water and drain it when cooked.

The other ingredients should be ready for the blender. Put the mix in a blender and add the parsley and the ricotta cheese. Meanwhile, sautee the rest of shrimps if tha same pan with a bit of white wine and black pepper. Put the sauce back in the pan with the shrimp. In case it is too dense, add some of the water used for cooking the pasta to lighten it.

Put the spaghettis on the dish and then put the sauce on top.

Bon profit!

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