viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

[iLike] Rome's Best Tiramisu

One of the best kept secrets of Romans is Pompi. This coffee and pastry shop is a bit away from the touristic routes but it really worths a visit. It is very close to Re di Roma metro station on line A. This place is famous amongst the romans for its tiramisu. Its reputation is represented when you enter the bar and you see the walls covered with refrigerators containing hundreds of frozen tiramisus to take away. The first time is quite impressive being surround by such amount of desserts, but once you tried you really want to take one away with yourself. This pastry shop has really worthed the title of “the best tiramisu in Rome”. I do not want to fall in the infamy of trying to describe with fancy and rhetoric adjectives this dessert and I will cathegorize it as magnificient.

For those of you that do not like coffee, they also offer other desserts such as “Strawberry tiramisu” and “Banana Tiramisu”, which have to be tried too.

So, save some time in your next visit to Rome to go and visit Pompi.

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