jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

[iLike] Fave e Pecorino

Each day that I spend in here, Italians keep surprising me with their simple and amazing recipes and culinary traditions. Today I'll talk about "Fave e Pecorino". Fave are fava beans, and pecorino is an amazing goat cheese. The most known is pecorino romano, although you can find pecorino from all over Italy. The tradition is somehow similar to one of my hometown traditions, where we all go to the forest with friends to spend the day and eat dried fruits. Basically, this one is also another excuse provocked by the fava beans season to gather with some friends and family and open up one of these wonderful cheeses. The recipe is as simple as having a fava bean together with a bite of cheese. Simple and exquisite. Moreover, a friends gathering, with good food and good wine, is always fun!

Bon Profit!


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