jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Tarifa Style Tuna

Tarifa is a small town in the southest point of Europe where I usually go in summer. It is an amazing town and the catch very good tuna from there, so, I dedicate this dish to that town.


2 Limes
200gr of Fresh Tuna
A handful of fresh coriander.
2 spoonfuls of soy sauce.
1 red hot chili pepper.
Black pepper.
(For presentation) a couple of endives.


We are going to use the limes twice. On the one hand the juice, and on the other hand, the grated skin. Push the limes against a strong surface so they tender and it is easier to get the juice from them. After this, clean them really well with water. Grate the skin of the limes trying not to get any white internal parts. Once the limes are naked (with no skin) cut them up and make the juice. Combine the juice with the grated skin and add the soy sauce, a bit of black pepper, and the coriander (previously washed and thinly cutted).
In parallel, dice the fresh raw tuna smaller than olives. Now you have the cutted raw tuna and the dressing. This dressing is really acid, and this acid is going to cook the tuna. At this point is when you need some experience and personal taste. The longer the tuna is in the dressing, the more it will cook. Personally, I love tuna quite raw, so, I mix it 3-4 minutes before serving. To mix it properly, put everything together in a zip-lock bag, and shake it.

Finally, clean some envide leaves and put un each leave a spoon of the dressed tuna. Cut thinly some red hot chili pepper and put it on top of it.

Bon profit

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